Dreipunkt Edition

dreipunkt edition alex arundell

Dreipunkt Edition is renowned for its original contemporary graphic work in limited editions. Founded in 1998, the artists of the Edition operate two studios and a showroom in Munich, Germany, contributing to the current renaissance of printmaking by pushing the boundaries of possibilities to new horizons. Kristiane Semar’s unique style creates a world full of intriguing characters, whose multiple expressions give off a wonderful energy, wit and charm. Alexander Arundell is known for his deep and luscious mezzotints, employing this rare medium to create minimalistic colour concepts. Angela Smets puts the nature and the traces that she finds in the centre of her work. She makes graphics that are created by overlays.


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To print or not to print. We enjoy keeping this exclusive and specialist medium alive. The enthusiasm for works on paper has brought us together. We share a taste for perfection and freedom, expression and dreams. Exploring boundaries and new grounds excites us. We create the finest of lines as well as rough-edged, bold marks and listen to the beautiful language of colour. We love prints.